Hotfile Intv on BBC Radio 5

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Obama Arrival

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Headed over to Regents Park tonight to watch Obama’s arrival by helicopter.  A sizable crowd gathered to watch and take pictures.  After Marine 1 landed, we gathered on the corner of where the Outer Circle of Regents Park feeds into Park Road.  I heard a lot of American accents and when Obama’s motorcade pulled out, the crowd cheered and waved.  One American girl said she saw the First Lady wave back.  Here are a couple pics from tonight:



Obama to Europe: I’m Coming to Listen

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From what I gathered during my interview this morning on BBC Radio 5, global heads of state are a bit leery of Obama’s visit, anticipating a leader who will push for deficit spending against the will of major European leaders, namely Chancellor Merkel of Germany.  But, those who think Obama wants a world wide spending spree should consider his most recent tough love response to the auto industry. 

If Obama is willing to let 2 major U.S. institutions go under if each fails to refinance and show real viability within 1-2 months, that is good indication he’s not the spender-in-chief many at G20 are anticipating to meet.  Plus, White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs emphasized today that “the president and America are going to listen in London, as well as lead.” It seems the international community has been so badly bludgeoned by Bush hubris over the past 8 years, they find it hard to believe an American president is capable of sitting back and listening.

Hotfile on BBC Radio 5

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I’ll be on BBC Radio 5 around 8 am London time tomorrow talking Obama, G20.  Tune in!

Obama’s Tough Love Plan for GM, Chrysler

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  • Neither auto company deemed viable for bailout $
  • O admin demands GM GEO resigns, gets “working capital” for 60 days during restructing period
  • Chrysler gets $6 bn if it reaches deal with Fiat within 30 days
  • O to deliver remarks on plan at 11:30 a.m. EST

The Plan: Obama Administration’s New Warrantee Commitment Program
Fact Sheet: GM, Chrysler
Viability Assessment: Chrysler
Viability Assessment: GM

McCain on Palin 2012

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Sunday Paper

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George’s Bottom Line: Geithner Says We Have $135 bn Left in TARP Money
The Guardian: Full Coverage of G20 Summit
The NewsHour: Intv with Richard Holbrooke and Gen. Petraeus
American Prospect: Don’t Trust the Regulators
TPM: Did Cassano Shut Out AIG Risk Officers?

Video: Obama’s Online Town Hall

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Ep. 8: Spring Breakdown

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Morning Paper

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Financial Times: Daddy, What is a Derivative?  (James Carville)
Rolling Stone: The Big Takeover (Matt Taibbi)
Washington Post: Will Slow and Steady Win the Race? (Dan Balz)
Daily Beast: Meet Mexico’s Drug Lords

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