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So I’ve been locked away in a library for 2 1/2 years finishing a premedical program at Columbia. I haven’t followed politics as closely as I used to and felt that I would be doing a disservice to readers by blogging if I wasn’t consuming news the way I had as a news producer, which was a la Garfield downing a plate of lasagna. But I have been nibbling away at some of the election news lately. And as much as the national polls show a dead heat between the Republican version of Al Gore and Barack Obama, my money is on Obama to pull this one out. Here are the two scenarios I predict Obama will get to 270 electoral votes — with and without Ohio, assuming Romney takes Florida:

Path to the White House if Obama Takes Ohio

Path to the White House if Romney takes Ohio


Ah, Let Me Be Frank…

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Reader bones sent in this awesome rebuttal from Rep Barney Frank at a recent townhall: “Mam, arguing with you would be like arguing with a dining room table”

Thanks bones!

Left to Obama: Why Can’t You Be More Like Bush?

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Looking for Taibbi’s article on the healthcare reform bill out this week and came across his latest blog post on Truth Slant:

“I’ll say this for George Bush: you’d never have caught him frantically negotiating against himself to take the meat out of a signature legislative initiative just because his approval ratings had a bad summer. Can you imagine Bush and Karl Rove allowing themselves to be paraded through Washington on a leash by some dimwit Republican Senator of a state with six people in it the way the Obama White House this summer is allowing Max Baucus (favorite son of the mighty state of Montana) to frog-march them to a one-term presidency?

To quote Method Man’s Calvin “Cheese” Wagstaff character from The Wire, “This is some shameless shit right here.”

First of all, the fact that he quotes The Wire is amazing.  Second, who would have predicted that 8 months into his term Obama would be making Bush look good?  For all the vitriol directed at the former president for acting like a cowboy-bully in the White House, it’s ironic that the left is  asking Obama : Why can’t you be more like Bush?

But, politically speaking, I wonder how productive it is for Democrats to rail against their party as weak or afraid of its own shadow.   Is it really what’s best for the party?  And could it do more harm than good? I hestitate to step into the echo chamber and agree with the cricitism of democratic weakness because it usually perpetuates a talking point whose origin can usually be traced back to the RNC.   Democrats will never be billed as the strong, united party when its accused as being weak at the faintest sign of a flinch.  But, the Dems do need a kick in the butt.  They are dropping the ball on healthcare reform by letting the Republicans control the debate.  Remember this death panel rumor was one they should have been prepared for.  For the sake of the party and healthcare reform, dems need to be told grow a backbone — without being call spineless.

British Conservatives Voice Support for NHS

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From TPM:

The American right wing’s attack on the British National Health Service is now getting a strong rebuke — from the British right wing, who are joining in on the Twitter campaign of Britons proud of the NHS.

Among the many British politicians, journalists and Twitter users chipping in to debunk the attacks on the NHS is now Conservative Party Leader David Cameron, who is heavily favored to win the next election and become Prime Minister. He’s now blogged in support of the pro-NHS Twitter campaign:

People still care about the issues they care about, and thanks to the internet they can voice their concerns whenever they want. Just look at all the support which the NHS has received on Twitter over the last couple of days. It is a reminder – if one were needed – of how proud we in Britain are of the NHS.

Millions of people are grateful for the care they have received from the NHS – including my own family. One of the wonderful things about living in this country is that the moment you’re injured or fall ill – no matter who you are, where you are from, or how much money you’ve got – you know that the NHS will look after you.

“I support the NHS 100% and the Conservative Party supports the NHS 100%,” he told the BBC. “We are the party that gives the biggest amount of support to the NHS. It is incredibly important to my family. It is incredibly important to this country.”

Cameron’s reassurance that the Tories support their country’s socialized health care comes after one of his party’s members of the European Parliament bashed the NHS and called it a “60 year mistake.” Cameron declared: “He does have some quite eccentric views about some things, and political parties always include some people who don’t toe the party line on one issue or another issue.”

2nd time’s a charm?

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Team Obama (which now includes an unusual coalition of progressives, labor and the pharmaceutical industry) launched its response to the anti-health care reform movement yesterday:

The ad is planned to air in key swing states, with big pharma footing most of the $12 million bill.  But, is it too little too late?  PhRMA launched a similar multi-million dollar ad campaign last month to urge lawmakers to pass healthcare reform with most air time on the cable networks, CNN, MSNBC and Fox.  Didn’t seem to do the trick:

Weaver gets his intv with the Big O

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Remnick on Obama’s Speech in Russia

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Listening to the “Political Scene” on the New Yorker website (you can find it on the top left), where David Remnick explains why Obama’s speech in Russia did not have the same level of engagement as his speeches in Prague and Cairo:

“Russian controlled television which is everything in the media did not show this speech…the Arab world, the Muslim world saw Obama’s speech, heard Obama’s speech live, and repeated times throughout the whole region, and it made a big impact not just in Cairo but arguably even in Iran, who knows….the problem was the tree fell in the forest and not many heard it.”

Why Ghana

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Good analysis from BBC’s Martin Plaut:

For Ghanaians, there is little doubt that they deserve to be Mr Obama’s first real African destination since assuming office. Nigeria was not really suitable, given the question marks over the way in which President Umaru Yar’Adua was elected. Kenya, home of Mr Obama’s father, experienced post-election violence. Ethiopia has jailed the leader of the opposition, and South Africa’s Jacob Zuma is new in the post and something of an unknown quantity.
Not only is Ghana clearly democratic, but it has some of the African oil on which the US increasingly depends, and there is the symbolic link with slavery, from which so many African-Americans trace their heritage. So Ghana ticks Mr Obama’s boxes – a suitable stage on which to launch the president’s Africa policy on the continent itself.

Oooh La La

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most ridiculous item of the day:

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The Daily Mail insinuating that Obama is using his daughter Malia to send a message to G8 leaders when she was spotted wearing “not one, but two T-shirts with an anti-nuclear message.” 


The comments were (surprisingly?) not from local Daily Mail readers, but Americans unhappy with Obama and eager to lecture young Malia on what not to wear:

Great, now he is using his children as political statements yet. Can you take him and we will elect another president?
– zelunacafe, Chicago, USA, 08/7/2009 23:38

That Logo belongs to the Hippies, it’s called the broken peace sign, the cross upside down. Miss Obama should not have worn such a logo.
– Carole, Orlando, Fl. U.S.A., 08/7/2009 23:26

I’m sure the ten-year-old Miss Obama’s rationale regarding nuclear arms, the missile shield which currently protects our European allies etc. is equally as well thought-out as her father’s. Which is to say, totally naive and extremely dangerous for millions. Nuclear technology is here to stay, and it is a very foolish thought indeed to discard your own protection and putting your faith in the despots of the world doing the same.
– Charles, Virginia, 08/7/2009 23:25

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