McClellan May Be Scott Free, But McCain Isn’t

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McClellan’s indictment of Bush may be considered the shot heard around Washington last night, echoing today in the halls of the White House, but the substance of his book is no new story. Here’s what is.


This One Goes Out…

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Instead of railing against Hillary in the final days of her campaign, let’s give credit where credit is due. She helped prepare our rookie in the fight of his life against a more seasoned and often scrappy Senator McCain.


Karma’s a Bitch

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The hits just keep on coming from Pastor Hagee…and he may have just topped the charts with this latest one… Hits Its Stride

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Could this be the year of After botched ads like the “General Betray Us” ad in the Washington Post last year, this new video about McCain’s lobbyist ties is the most convincing argument yet for why McCain is not the candidate he claims to be.

Remember Where The Blue Grass Grows

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Obama gave up way too early in West Virigina and he’s making the same mistake in Kentucky

John Edwards Is All Grows Up

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John Edwards opened his endorsement speech for why he thinks Barack Obama should be the next president of the United States by praising rival Hillary Clinton. Could he be playing a new role as party healer?
Perhaps the son of a mill worker has found his voice in the Democratic Party. As Vince Vaughn declared in one of my all-time favorite movies: he’s all grows up and he’s all grows up!

Tube Politics

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Interviews from across the pond on the U.S. presidential election:

Who is Joe Lieberman?

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Joe Lieberman is already doing John McCain’s dirty work against Barack Obama…ugh

Obama’s Cold Shower

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Could Obama’s greatest strength become his greatest weakness in the general?  Obamaniacs have fallen in love with the Washington outsider’s big picture philosophies, how he seems to hover above the fray and stay immune to trite campaign baiting.  This worked with the Gas Tax Holiday, calling it straight up gimmickery, reminding voters that the same Washington quick fixes have not and will never provide real answers.

But, that same strategy won’t work when discussing Iran and it won’t work against John McCain.

There’s No Crying on Primary Day

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I’m struck by Obama still playing the victim card.  He said something similar to the following on the Today Show last week.  Look:

“The problem is once you are a frontrunner then it is I think the obligation of the candidates who are behind to whack you over the head and the press is happy to oblige.”

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