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So I’ve been locked away in a library for 2 1/2 years finishing a premedical program at Columbia. I haven’t followed politics as closely as I used to and felt that I would be doing a disservice to readers by blogging if I wasn’t consuming news the way I had as a news producer, which was a la Garfield downing a plate of lasagna. But I have been nibbling away at some of the election news lately. And as much as the national polls show a dead heat between the Republican version of Al Gore and Barack Obama, my money is on Obama to pull this one out. Here are the two scenarios I predict Obama will get to 270 electoral votes — with and without Ohio, assuming Romney takes Florida:

Path to the White House if Obama Takes Ohio

Path to the White House if Romney takes Ohio


Ah, Let Me Be Frank…

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Reader bones sent in this awesome rebuttal from Rep Barney Frank at a recent townhall: “Mam, arguing with you would be like arguing with a dining room table”

Thanks bones!


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from mark knoller’s twitter feed:

markknollerObama was fundraiser-in-chief last night at the Beverly Hilton, doing two events that raised between $3-mil and $4-mil for the Dem Natl Cmte

Sotomayor and 2010

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After nominating the first Hispanic woman to the Supreme Court, Obama traveled to Nevada last night to headline a fundraiser for Sen. Harry Reid who faces a tough 2010 reelection fight. 

“…the [Sotomayor] choice could bolster the backing of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid among the state’s large Hispanic population.”

The Page:
“Obama said last night: Make sure that Harry Reid continues to be our majority leader. As long as I’m president I want him to be my majority leader.”

Considering the rapidly growing Hispanic population is trending Democratic, Obama’s choice of Sotomayor could make a powerful impact on 2010 elections, especially for Democrats facing a tough battle.

Besides Harry Reid, the Sotomayor pick, according to Politico, “could also strengthen the hand of Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut — home to a large concentration of Puerto Ricans — and Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado, where the recently appointed Democratic senator could face a difficult election to a first full term in a state with a high percentage of Hispanic voters.” As well as Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.), who’s district includes the “fast-growing Hispanic population around the I-4 corridor — much of it Puerto Rican, like Sotomayor.”

The Specter Switch!

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New DNC Video: Foundation for Change

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DNC Releases “100 Days of No”

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Sen. McCaskill Leaves Door Open for Judge Bybee Impeachment

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The Weekly Address

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Re: Common Purpose

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Ben Smith writes about the coalition of liberal organizations/bloggers called Common Purpose that has formed in the wake of Obama’s election to push through White House goals. But Jane Hamsher wags a finger at the group’s too close for comfort relationship with the WH, complaining that its involvement has undermined the progressive and independent nature of the liberal blogger/activist. She writes:

“There’s a big problem right now with the traditional liberal interest groups sitting on the sidelines around major issues because they don’t want to buck the White House for fear of getting cut out of the dialogue, or having their funding slashed. Someone picks up a phone, calls a big donor, and the next thing you know…the money is gone. It’s already happened. Because that’s the way Rahm plays.”

The problem here isn’t the WH, per se. The problem is and always has been this constellation of single issue liberal coalitions and activists that exist under the umbrella of the Democratic Party. And when the more vocal and uncompromising of those liberal groups are unhappy with a moderate party line, they’ll elbow their way out to be heard, often at the entire party’s expense. But, for the first time in nearly 8 years, the Democratic Party can lay claim to some semblance of unity. And, to keep the Republican Party on the run, the White House must maintain this new-found united front. Getting involved in a close dialogue with these liberal coalitions is exactly what they should be doing. The other complicating factor is…surprise, surprise…Rahm, the often ruthless godfather of the White House who will cut you out if you cross him. The way I see it, Rahm needs to back off. If he can’t play nice with others, he should stay on the sidelines…and when it comes to the activist wing of the liberal blogosphere, Rahm may not realize he’s playing with fire.

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