RNC Stops Betting on Red

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RNC heeds the advice of Wesley Snipes and elects its first black chairman, Michael Steele.

As a loyal Democrat, I cringed and let out a resounding “Oh Come ON!”  But after thinking it over, this was one of the best PR moves the Republican Party has made in a loooong time. The GOP was in a need of a major facelift, looking increasingly like a party full of pasty white guys out of touch on the major issues facing the nation right now, from climate control to the war in Iraq to healthcare reform.  The economy is still be up for grabs, with neither party clearly marking out an edge.  Steele’s election may give the GOP some much needed leverage on the bailout battleground, making the GOP’s opposition to Obama’s stimulus package seem less racially motivated, less anti-Obama and more anti-Democrat. Looks like it just got some much needed botox with Michael Steele.


McCain Turns Sore Loser

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Terry Hits the Tube

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Here’s Terry McAuliffe’s first campaign ad.  He’s running for Governor in Virginia

Is that upstate NY accent going to jive with Virginia voters? Just in case there’s any confusion: jabs = jobs.

Just asking

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Blago mounts his defense on the airwaves…even appearing on “The View” this morning.  The NYTimes adds this:

“For days, there have been suggestions that the governor’s lawyers might yet file legal action to try to block the impeachment trial, a notion that his aides did not rule out over the weekend.”

Not sure how this is possible…what’s the point of having an impeachment trial if it can be blocked by the defendent’s lawyers?  Is this a plausible strategy or hot air from Blago’s defense team?  Any legal minds out there reading the hotfile who can weigh in??

Major Garrett is a teenage girl

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Major Garrett of Fox News looked conspicuously excited to be hanging out with the networks’s arch enemy, Barack Obama as the president made a surprise visit to the WH Press Corp last night. The bosses back at Fox can’t be happy about this one.  Fast forward to around 1:29 to see Garrett practically squealing over the big O.

Caroline’s Out

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So who will Patterson choose?

Will a Man or a Woman be appointed to fill Clinton’s vacant Senate seat?

Move On

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Fox News can’t seem to move on…it’s like Stacy from Wayne’s World who keeps thinking that she and Wayne are still together.  But it’s clearly OVER.  Here’s Rove’s tweet plugging Special Report tonight with coverage on Bush’s landing in Texas.

KarlRove Landed in Midland. Tune into Special Report w/ Bret Baier—live from Texas post-flight. #TCOT #SGP


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Obama’s promise to gays

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According to the website ideapalooza, Obama has made over 800 promises to the American public throughout his campaign.  Add another one to the list today: the promise to repeal don’t ask, don’t tell.  WH website reads today:

“The President will work with military leaders to repeal the current policy and ensure it helps accomplish our national defense goal”

Marc Ambinder over at The Atlantic has more

Separation Anxiety :(

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I don’t want the coverage of Obama to end.  I’ve followed this guy everyday for like 4 years.  Can Obama just install a camera in the White House…like big brother style?  Maybe he could kick off a White House staff member each week?  How awesome would that be? Serious.

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