TPM’s Casting Call

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TPM is taking a break from mucking it up, to yucking it up (um wow). They’ve put together a pretty funny version of an online casting call for the Jack Abramoff movie currently being cast in Hollywood.  Kevin Spacey is already in for the role of Abramoff. They want to know our picks for the rest of the cast…I’m thinking Willem DeFoe for DeLay?



“Daily Show” for the Brits

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This is my new favo(u)rite show over here in London.  It’s called Newswipe with Charlie Brooker.  It reminds me of the Daily Show, but even more hilarious and provocative.  Take a look:

Facebook’s 100 Days of Obama

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ZOMG this is a-mazing!



Read the whole feed over at

Specter on MTP

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davidgregory: Coming up this Sunday on Meet the Press: Senator Arlen Specter. In his first interiew since leaving the GOP, he will join me Sunday.

Specter Spin

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Obama: “Folks Waving Tea Bags Around” on Channels Where “I’m Not Very Popular”

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Nice find TVNewser tipster!

Joe Klein Sizes Up Obama’s 100 Days

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Excerpt from Joe Klein’s TIME piece on Obama’s 100 Days :

The idea that a President can be assessed in a mere 100 days is a journalistic conceit. Most presidencies evolve too slowly to be judged so quickly. Roosevelt set the initial standard in 1933, overpowering Congress and passing a slew of legislation to confront the Great Depression during his first three months in office. “Lyndon Johnson had two 100-days periods,” says historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, “one after the Kennedy assassination and another after he was elected in 1964.” Indeed, Johnson’s legislative haul dwarfs anything before or since; he quickly got Congress on track to pass landmark civil rights bills and create Medicare, among other things. “And you have to say that Reagan had a significant 100 days,” Goodwin adds, “because he represented a clear break from the policies of the past, even if his signature legislation — the tax cuts — didn’t pass until after the 100 days were over. But I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like Obama since Roosevelt.”

Morning Paper

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Washington Post: Specter Leaves GOP, Shifting Senate Balance
Huffington Post: Obama’s First 100 Days, 10 Achievements You Didn’t Know About
Slate: Specter’s Defection (fav line: For Arlen Specter, apparently, simply washing his hands wasn’t enough to stop the contagion.)
Rush Limbaugh (Transcript): Senator Specter Switches Parties in Desperate Attempt at Reelection, maybe he can take John and Meghan McCain with him.

Welcome Home, Arlen

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The Specter Switch!

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