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Why is this woman smiling?

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HuffPo’s front page right now…not sure why there’s a smiling woman holding a baby under the headline: Iran Expected to Officially Ratify Ahmadinejad as Election Winner


Paper of Woodward and Bernstein Outsources Investigative Journalism

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Just finished reading the GE article in the Washington Post today and noticed at the end of the article was this note:

ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.

And the byline reads: 


ProPublica and Washington Post Staff Writer 


So THE Washington Post is outsourcing its investigative journalism.  I knew this was coming, but it’s still a shock when the paper of Woodward and Bernstein outsources the skill and labor on which its reputation was built.  Is this the first time  WashPo has used ProPublica or just the first time I’ve noticed this post script note?

The more burning question is do you see this becoming a trend? This is going to sound waaay over the top and apocalyptic, but I see it as less of trend and more as the beginning of the end…dun dun dun.  Sure, the Washington Post saves money by partnering with ProPublica, enjoys its resources to cover a story inside and out…plus who reads bylines anyway?  Win, win right?

Well, not really.  What’s to hold back the new Woodwards and Bernsteins on the block from eventually writing, publishing and hosting their own news stories, under their own masthead…no, nothing as dull as ProPublica, but something MUCH flashier like, THE INVESTIGATOR…or THE INSIDER. They’ll fill the niche investigative news site, much like Politico or Talking Points Memo has for politics or TechCrunch has for tech, has for fashion or has for business.

Newspapers—both digital and paper– are dead because they try to be everything all at once for everyone and can’t keep up.  The Washington Post has already axed its business section after failing to compete with business and tech blogs that update with 20-30 posts per day.  The same will happen with investigative news.  For a story that uncovers the latest political corruption, insider trading, or harmful FDA approved drugs, you’ll most likely read it on a website, and it won’t be under the mastheads of the New York Times or the Washington Post.  Just my guess, do you agree?

Thriller on the Tube

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Oh you wish

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sanfordFox incorrectly chyrons Governor Mark Sanford as a Democrat.

Highlights from Khamenei’s Friday Sermon

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Khamenei’s Friday Sermon Translated

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(started transcribing 2 minutes in)

…in the course of various incidents in which some should have toppled an establishment, some of those events could have brought a turmoil for the whole of the nation, as you can see in some countries, such incidents did happen to this nation, but this let’s call it a ship, which is moving firmly which is reliant on your hearts and remembrance of God this ship did not find any agitation and stability in stormy seas

(crowd chanting confirmations)

This is a sign of the blessings of God, this indicates God’s blessings for you, respected people, being bestowed by heavenly blessings and preserving is another thing. We should never feel proud, if God’s hand is extended to help us, we should not be negligent of our duties. Remembrance of God should never leave our hearts.

Youths wherever you are, the young people are advised keep your lenient hearts, enlightened hearts, feed them remembrance of God, God will then send you and bestow you all His blessings and will keep his blessings over the nation.

As I can see these people, as far as I am informed of our ancestors and elsewhere in world, I do believe that this nation with blessing of God, this divine nation this nation will reach all its high aspirations and objectives.

This spiritual atmosphere in society this should be appreciated political excitement and turmoil should not keep us away from remembering God, arguments that happen naturally in any country, these arguments should never keep us negligent, we should not forget where we are going where we are headed for. This revolution has been based on pure and honest beliefs and the continuation of the way is based on this very firm pillar.

With all distractions and elements who take us away from the right path, people are still interested in the spirituality, they recognize their own blessings, at times with youth and world is facing materialism, our youth unaware in the world against the agitation, some of them have realized that the way to correct everything is to resort to spirituality, but how can they restore spirituality that they already lost? Spirituality, that for last two centuries that has faced crack down by other countries, how can they face it? But that’s not true in your society, they rely and manage to see their Islamic revolution victorious.

Our Islamic establishment is based in spirituality…they protected in face of various tumultuous atmospheres, today our youth, mostly spiritual, and people and believers, and even those who may not look so religious, we can see at some times they have their hearts and hopes pinned on God’s blessings.

I have said that during these special days and nights of prayers, you can see people who you hardly can imagine, those people are among our believers but they are.

So we ask God almighty would besiege him, our holy prophet, fill out hearts with a spirit more than ever, we ask God Almighty to keep us adherent to the prophet and his household and we ask God to bestow heavenly tranquility on this nation.

We ask God Almighty this oppressed nation, we ask Him to give us victory against our enemies and we ask God almighty to keep our hearts paying attention to Him and ask Him to help us do what He wants us to do, and we also ask God Almighty to have our prayers fulfilled.

End of first sermon

In this sermon I recommend them all to piety and refraining from evil, what I’m going to raise in this sermon is the issue of the election, which is the topic of the day in our country for the time being.

There are three issues, I want to address three different groups. The first one is, I want to address the general public whereever they are in the country, I woud like to mention some points, here at this point to you respected people.

There is one I want to address the political elites, the candidates, those who have been active in the process and the leaders of world arrogance and the western countries, some of the western countries of course and some of the members of the media that they are running.

The first point which I am addressing you, the respected people, I want to express my appreciation and thanks to you people in my speeches I do not want to exaggerate while addressing my audience, but regarding the recent election i should tell you great people no matter how much I exaggerate still nothing, and it doesn’t really matter to exaggerate you have really made a great accomplishment, the tenth presidential election was actually a great show of their feeling of destiny for our country a great manifestation of people’s participation of people’s affairs in our countries, it depicted solidarity with their establishment.

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How to turn your social networking avatar green:

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Latest YouTube Videos from Inside Iran

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Thursday’s rally (6/18)

A woman being beaten and kicked in Rasht by Basiji paramilitaries

Video of the moment of attack on Tehran University earlier this week

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