McCain To Attend Debate…

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and according to his website, has already won


Reid vs. McCain

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Harry Reid (11:00am) on state of the bailout bill:

“Insertion of Presidential politics has not been helpful, it’s been harmful.  All John McCain has done is stand in front of the cameras.”

Go Harry!

Food for Thought

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New York Times on Congress working overnight to hash out a deal on the bailout bill:

After the overnight drafting efforts on both sides of Capitol Hill — with pizza on the House side, and Thai food in the Senate — Democratic officials said they had nearly completed a unified draft of a bill.

Oh Dems…don’t worry about perpetuating stereotypes or anything…

Are You KIDDING Me??!!

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Politico’s Jonathan Martin:

McCain revealed in an interview with a Cleveland TV station Tuesday that he hadn’t yet read the administration’s three-page bailout proposal.

“I have not had a chance to see it in writing,” McCain said. “I have to examine it.”

The admission does raise questions about exactly how McCain can rescue the rescue if he doesn’t know what’s in the original bill.

To the Rescue

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Thank GOD for John McCain, who heroically announced he is SUSPENDING his campaign so he can rush to Washington and rescue the bailout bill from drowning in partisan politics.  Yes, the bailout bill’s knight in shining armor who admits “he doesn’t know much about the economy,” whose economic advisor refers to financially distressed Americans as a nation of whiners, who holds a lengthy record in eviscerating regulation on Wall Street, and whom Americans trust LESS to handle the economy is DESPERATELY needed on Capitol Hill.  What ever would Congress have done without him?

Stench of Bailout Plan Starts to Reek

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Former Bushie Calls Obama “Uppity”

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Todd Palin Goes Bush League

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John “The Hulk” McCain

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I know Bush 44 is trying to strike a more aggressive tone on the campaign trail, but this is a little much.

Obama Finally Gets Sticky

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The problem with both campaigns this general election cycle is short-term focus.  Each campaign is working the 24-hour news cycle as if it’s their last.  No signs of a developing a long term message, just rapid response to the scathing attacks that seem to be getting hotter each day.

One of Obama’s problems is his inability to create a “sticky” ad as Chuck Todd of NBC News pointed out in his First Read blog Wednesday. He said

A lot of smart political types have been surprised by the lack of “stickiness” of Obama’s TV ads. McCain’s ads might be getting killed by the truth-squadders, but they are being talked about and voters seem to remember them. There’s not a memorable Obama TV ad that anyone can point to and say, “Wow, that’s an interesting ad,” even as they seem well produced and well focus-grouped

From the looks of a new ad out tonight, called  Who Advises, Obama may have gotten the hint. The ad is a scathing attack on McCain’s lack of economic experience and the shaky credentials of his economic advisors, including President Bush.  He hits McCain’s three big vulnerabilities: 1. “fundamentals of our economy are strong” stumble on Monday, 2. His former economic advisor’s nation of whiners blunder and 3. the Bush-McCain chain.

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