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Then came the 2007 car crash that kept him submerged in an induced coma for 11 days, followed the next year by the crash on Wall Street, which had much the same effect on the state’s economy

-Bai on Corzine in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine


Open Thread

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Clearly, not of any political significance, but is this not a slap in the face to the Williams’ sisters? One Dominant, Americans Sow Seeds of Renewal

Update: I emailed Greg Bishop about the headline, it’s been changed to : “American Men Looking for  a Rebound”

End Times

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Watch the Daily Show goes inside the NYTimes…best part around 3 min in.

Morning Paper

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NYT: How ’07 ABC Interview Tilted Torture Debate
Newsweek: 100 Days to Make Any President Envious
Politico: Leahy to Keep with Truth Commission
Hotline on Call: Obama Looms at Clinton/McAuliffe Event

Behind Cheney’s Attacks on Obama

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney has assumed position against Obama on torture, digging in as the “ranking Republican speaking out against Obama,” according to the NYT.  The article’s headline reads: Unemployed, Unapologetic and Unrestrained: It’s Cheney Unbound.  But, I wouldn’t say that Cheney is taking the helm of the Republican attack machine against Obama because he’s unemployed, as an act out of pure boredom.   Or that the gloves have come off because he’s no longer restrained by the VP statesman title (then again, when did Cheney ever show restraint?).

Rather, the way I see it, Cheney is on the war path to defend the conservative goals he, not Bush, set for the country for 8 years.  It’s an argument for the ideology he ascribed to, the agenda he set, and the policy structure he constructed.  And, he can’t bear watching it crumble.  Cheney’s assault on Obama isn’t a heroic gesture of support for a struggling Republican Party.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Cheney is throwing a tantrum in response to Obama literally rewriting his plans for the country.  And, in the midst of this child-like behavior, Cheney is actually confirming all the speculation over his role as the real force pushing controversial, ideology-driven policy within the White House.

Obama’s Poll Vault on the Economy

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No, NYT, No

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I did an interview with BBC Radio Scotland this morning on American reaction to Obama’s trip abroad and to prepare, I clicked over to NYT to see what the latest news was on G20.  From what I had read the night before, the Big O was a huge hit, especially his M-O, Michelle.  BUT, right now, the NYT front page article reads “Obama Star Turn At Summit Gets Mixed Results”.  Huh?  Basically, the piece goes something like this: Obama was the consummate negotiator, working together with the global community to solve the economic crisis, even sorting out a tiff between Sarkozy and Jintao on tax havens at one point.  But “he also had a few gaffes.” Michelle (gasp) touched the Queen and Obama presented her with a lousy iPod.  I asked some colleagues here about this alleged touching incident and they actually quite quickly came to Obama’s defense, responding that she touched him first.  And about the iPod…okay, maybe not the classiest gift ever, but does it really warrant “mixed results” analysis of the Obamas’ performance at G20?!?!  Pa-lease.  This sounds more like trivial banter from Us Weekly than substantive analysis from the grey lady.

Morning Paper

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Politico: What Obama Said And What He Meant
New York Times: E.U President Calls U.S. Stimulus the “Way to Hell”
The Fix: White House Cheat Sheet: Grading Obama’s Media Blitz
Wall Street Journal: Obama Dials Down Wall Street Criticism
Talking Points Memo: Must Read

TMI For Times Extra

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nytimes-cutout1I’ve generally been liking the Times Extra tool that allows readers to see how liberal and conservative blogs are covering the day’s top political news stories.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, the tool lives below the NYTimes main political headline on the left side of the online page.  But, today’s Times Extra included a slew of right wing blogs whose headlines included “Barry Hussein Seeks To Bypass Legislative Process To Seize Control Of The Economy.”  There seems something intrinsically wrong about the NYTimes allowing right wing talking points to appear on prime front page real estate as “news.”

Frank Rich Gets Bitchy

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Frank Rich delivers this GOP smack down in today’s NY Tiiiimes:

“If you’re baffled why the G.O.P. would thrust Jindal into prime time, the answer is desperation. Eager to update its image without changing its antediluvian (or antebellum) substance, the party is trying to lock down its white country-club blowhards. The only other nonwhite face on tap, alas, is the unguided missile Michael Steele, its new national chairman. Steele has of late been busy promising to revive his party with an “off-the-hook” hip-hop P.R. campaign, presumably with the perennially tan House leader John Boehner leading the posse.”

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