2nd time’s a charm?

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Team Obama (which now includes an unusual coalition of progressives, labor and the pharmaceutical industry) launched its response to the anti-health care reform movement yesterday:

The ad is planned to air in key swing states, with big pharma footing most of the $12 million bill.  But, is it too little too late?  PhRMA launched a similar multi-million dollar ad campaign last month to urge lawmakers to pass healthcare reform with most air time on the cable networks, CNN, MSNBC and Fox.  Didn’t seem to do the trick:


Maddow Smack Down

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Wow, just wow.   Rachel Maddow delivered a blistering investigative report on healthcare reform lies last night: what’s being said, who’s behind it, and how these exploitative, manufactured deceptions are being spread.   Best line: “This is what these groups do…they’re experts at fake grass roots campaigns that promote corporate interests.”  It’s pretty kick ass, take a look:

And give it up to Mike Yarvitz who researched and produced the segment…well done Yarvi!

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