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The Daily Mail insinuating that Obama is using his daughter Malia to send a message to G8 leaders when she was spotted wearing “not one, but two T-shirts with an anti-nuclear message.” 


The comments were (surprisingly?) not from local Daily Mail readers, but Americans unhappy with Obama and eager to lecture young Malia on what not to wear:

Great, now he is using his children as political statements yet. Can you take him and we will elect another president?
– zelunacafe, Chicago, USA, 08/7/2009 23:38

That Logo belongs to the Hippies, it’s called the broken peace sign, the cross upside down. Miss Obama should not have worn such a logo.
– Carole, Orlando, Fl. U.S.A., 08/7/2009 23:26

I’m sure the ten-year-old Miss Obama’s rationale regarding nuclear arms, the missile shield which currently protects our European allies etc. is equally as well thought-out as her father’s. Which is to say, totally naive and extremely dangerous for millions. Nuclear technology is here to stay, and it is a very foolish thought indeed to discard your own protection and putting your faith in the despots of the world doing the same.
– Charles, Virginia, 08/7/2009 23:25


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