Khamenei’s Friday Sermon Translated

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(started transcribing 2 minutes in)

…in the course of various incidents in which some should have toppled an establishment, some of those events could have brought a turmoil for the whole of the nation, as you can see in some countries, such incidents did happen to this nation, but this let’s call it a ship, which is moving firmly which is reliant on your hearts and remembrance of God this ship did not find any agitation and stability in stormy seas

(crowd chanting confirmations)

This is a sign of the blessings of God, this indicates God’s blessings for you, respected people, being bestowed by heavenly blessings and preserving is another thing. We should never feel proud, if God’s hand is extended to help us, we should not be negligent of our duties. Remembrance of God should never leave our hearts.

Youths wherever you are, the young people are advised keep your lenient hearts, enlightened hearts, feed them remembrance of God, God will then send you and bestow you all His blessings and will keep his blessings over the nation.

As I can see these people, as far as I am informed of our ancestors and elsewhere in world, I do believe that this nation with blessing of God, this divine nation this nation will reach all its high aspirations and objectives.

This spiritual atmosphere in society this should be appreciated political excitement and turmoil should not keep us away from remembering God, arguments that happen naturally in any country, these arguments should never keep us negligent, we should not forget where we are going where we are headed for. This revolution has been based on pure and honest beliefs and the continuation of the way is based on this very firm pillar.

With all distractions and elements who take us away from the right path, people are still interested in the spirituality, they recognize their own blessings, at times with youth and world is facing materialism, our youth unaware in the world against the agitation, some of them have realized that the way to correct everything is to resort to spirituality, but how can they restore spirituality that they already lost? Spirituality, that for last two centuries that has faced crack down by other countries, how can they face it? But that’s not true in your society, they rely and manage to see their Islamic revolution victorious.

Our Islamic establishment is based in spirituality…they protected in face of various tumultuous atmospheres, today our youth, mostly spiritual, and people and believers, and even those who may not look so religious, we can see at some times they have their hearts and hopes pinned on God’s blessings.

I have said that during these special days and nights of prayers, you can see people who you hardly can imagine, those people are among our believers but they are.

So we ask God almighty would besiege him, our holy prophet, fill out hearts with a spirit more than ever, we ask God Almighty to keep us adherent to the prophet and his household and we ask God to bestow heavenly tranquility on this nation.

We ask God Almighty this oppressed nation, we ask Him to give us victory against our enemies and we ask God almighty to keep our hearts paying attention to Him and ask Him to help us do what He wants us to do, and we also ask God Almighty to have our prayers fulfilled.

End of first sermon

In this sermon I recommend them all to piety and refraining from evil, what I’m going to raise in this sermon is the issue of the election, which is the topic of the day in our country for the time being.

There are three issues, I want to address three different groups. The first one is, I want to address the general public whereever they are in the country, I woud like to mention some points, here at this point to you respected people.

There is one I want to address the political elites, the candidates, those who have been active in the process and the leaders of world arrogance and the western countries, some of the western countries of course and some of the members of the media that they are running.

The first point which I am addressing you, the respected people, I want to express my appreciation and thanks to you people in my speeches I do not want to exaggerate while addressing my audience, but regarding the recent election i should tell you great people no matter how much I exaggerate still nothing, and it doesn’t really matter to exaggerate you have really made a great accomplishment, the tenth presidential election was actually a great show of their feeling of destiny for our country a great manifestation of people’s participation of people’s affairs in our countries, it depicted solidarity with their establishment.

Truly anything like what you did in this country i have not heard of anything such thing in various kinds of democracies, be it artificial or fabricated or those that are really referred to as peoples votes.


In the Islamic republic too apart from a referendum one year after Islamic revolutions, 1979 there is no other precedent, than the one that you took part in last Friday, a turnout of almost 85 percent, that means almost 40 million voters

You can see the role of 12 imam behind such incidents, this is a sign of gods blessing to us its necessary to mention from the bottom of my heart to all your people across the nation, I feel humble in your presence, our young generation showed and there’s is nothing to be ignored this must be reckoned with of course there are different opinions and taste, some support a different candidate others back another candidate and his words and ideas, this is natural, but you can see a collective commitment, among all this you can see a collective commitment to restoring and preserving their country, everyone in small towns, major cities, different ethnic groups, with different faiths, man woman…everyone participated in this great move.

This election was a political earthquake for your enemies, if you will.  For your friends across the world it was a real celebration, it was a historical celebration for your friends across the world, since the revolution, such a turnout and showing respect for the establishment, this is a popular movement for renewing allegiance for Imam and for the Establishment it was a fresh breath, it was a great opportunity this election showed off the religious democracy for the whole world people to see.

All those saw what democracy means. This is a third path in the face of dictatorial establishments on one side and democracies devoid of spirituality and religion, this is religious democracy, this is what brings the hearts of people closer together and pushes them closer to the scene, this is the point I wanted to make about this election.

Another point is that last Friday’s election showed that the people have their confidence, hope, their fervor and they live in this country with all the enthusiasm and feelings that they have for this country this is against what the media and your enemies say in their propaganda if people don’t have hope they wont partake in this election, if people do not feel free they will never attend the polling stations.

Trusting the Islamic establishment was evident in this election and I will tell you later on the enemies targeted the very trust, they want this trust to be crushed. That’s what the enemies want.

This trust is the greatest asset, they want to create doubt, they want to cast doubt on the election, the confidence that they have with the Establishment, they want to create panic the enemies know that without confidence there is low turnout, when there is, then the legitimacy of the Establishment will shake. That’s what the enemy wants, what it is pursuing.t

They want to take away your trust, so your turnout is not there and legitimate, this harms more than setting fire to banks and putting buses ablaze. This cannot be compared to any other laws, in such a great move the people actively turnout and people are told you made a mistake you should not have confided, it is not trustworthy, that’s what enemy wants, this is what they have been pursuing before.

Before election in late March, I told that the enemy is repeatedly whispering into ears that voter fraud is underway, they were paving ground for that.  Then I told great friends inside country not to echo inculcating that in peoples mind.

Islamic Establishment is trusted, this is not gained easily for 30 years. Islamic Establishment with all pains its taken it has managed to keep this confidence.

The 3rd point is issue of rivalry. Competition or rivalries they are totally free at same time serious and transparent between various candidates everyone was witness to that. The campaigning and debates that you saw they were to the point, straight so much so that some people opposed them. I will you tell you that they were somehow right at times, some problems were also created you can see the consequences.

I should tell you that we had this assumption and we still assumed that competition between the 4.  It was actually competition between people and current or waves between various groups in the Islamic Establishment.

Enemies try through various media, the Zionists, they try to make people believe through media that there is a fight. There is no right to say that, the 4 presidential contenders, they all are of and belong to Islamic establishment, they have been and still are, one is the president of our country. The president, hard working president, who is serving everyone and has everyone’s confidence.

One of those candidates was prime minster for 8 years when I was president. One of the candidates was commanders of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Force for years and one speaker of our parliament, they all belong to Establishment. Of course they have difference of opinion, they have different plans and projects but they all belong to Islamic Establishment.  This competition was made between establishment, not outside. Zionist media in the UK and US, they have been trying to say otherwise that this is competition from inside and outside, no not true it is within the establishment.

I know them closely, I know their thinking and tastes very well , I am familiar with their personal traits, I have worked with all closely. Of course, I do not approve of all their view points, some of their attitudes can be criticized without a doubt, some I consider more appropriate than others, but it is up to the people and thats what happened, people picked.

My will was never told to public. What I wanted was never publicized, people had their own yard sticks. Millions here, they decided for themselves. It’s an internal issue of the Islamic Establishment. Changing the reality is purely treacherous.

It’s only difference of opinion, not revolution, within the Establishment, the people who voted for the 4 candidates. The people did trust, they thought about what is better for the Establishment, and they voted for that person.

They tried to find one most appropriate, so people acted according to principle.

The debate was interesting initiative, it was to the point, serious and transparent.  The televised debaets nullified all the campaigns of people outside, who said this is only a show.  The televised debates showed these were serious, discussing issues, exchanging view points. Debates have been positive, have had positive points, have had negative complications too.

Positive aspect was in these debates, everyone said what they wanted to say clearly. A wave of criticism faced their way, everyone had to respond as they were criticized and had to make a response and they defended themselves.  The stances of individuals and groups without ambiguity they were put forth for public eye, naked and honestly they talked about plans, commitments, projects. All this was publicized and the people could judge.

People felt that in the Islamic Establishment, they are not looked upon as outsiders or strangers, there is no inside or outside, that means everything is clear, everything was expressed clearly it turned out that people’s vote extended from same contemplation, people’s vote is not ceremonial in nation, right of vote does belong to people, people want their own pick.

This is what the televised debates indicated.

Sure for reason of increased voter turnout by 10 million has been same factor,  the fact that people’s thoughts and mentality, they came to scene and identified with person they wanted and voted.  The televised debates, they found their way into homes and streets, this strengthens people’s right to choose helps them nurture minds and thoughts, gives them better decision making, and is favored by the Islamic Establishment.

Such talks and debates should not lead to point that results in carrying grudge against one another. If it was the same way as it was that day, that’s good, but if its going to be turned into arguments, then gradually, it will become hard feelings, such debates should continue of course. By omitting those negative parts, they should continue, officials and individuals should know they are being criticized, if one is criticized, this is opportunity to enlighten and reveal facts about truth.

If such debates continue than at the time of election, in this way, you won’t see explosion of commotion, all arguments will be made in time.  But there needs to be deficiencies removed, in some cases you can see that the logical points were undermined and emotional nervous aspect would prevail at times, it’s depicting the dark side of things and also casting doubt on performance of previous government. Such allegations were never proved, some relied on rumors, some unjust remarks made to services government has rendered, some against government of past 30 years.

The candidates lost their temper during discussions, and raised some unpleasant issues. I sat and watched the televised debates, like you.  I enjoyed freedom of expression, and the fact that Islamic Establishment has gone to help of people and help them decide better but the parts. The deficiency made me sad.

For supporters of candidates, those parts in which negative aspects which I mentioned, they supported those parts and it was done on both sides, here at this platform which is part of prayers. I should reveal facts, both sides had their own problems and deficiencies.  Unfortunately, on one had there were explicit insults against the president of our country, before debates speeches were given to me and I can see hurt, there were allegations and insults, who were these directed at? At the president, whose votes came from same people, they made wrong accusations, accused him of lying, this is no good.  They fabricated some documents of government performance and handed them out, we can see, what’s happening and its against the facts, they are not true, they swore and called president superstitious and called him names, forgot about morality and law

On other hand there’s the same story almost the same thing happened by other candidate, performance of last 30 years, was undermined, some people’s names were mentioned, the people who are among the great personalities of this establishment, people who spent most of their life for the cause of this revolution, but because i have to mention some names here specifically Rafsanjani, I have to mention their names, of course no one has accused these gentlemen of corruption, regarding family members, if anyone who has complaints, they should refer to judicial sources, should not raise before proved. When such things are mentioned then misunderstanding happens, and youth thinks wrong way, everyone knows Mr. Rafsanjani, I knew him before, not only after Islam Revolution, I know him, have known him for 52 years, closely.

Mr. Rafsanjani, is one of main elements of revolution in the course of Islamic Revolution, has been one of most serious active supporters before and after revolution, one of most effective political figures besides the late Imam. He has been beside leadership to date, several times he nearly got assassinated, before revolution he gave way for cause of revolution.  Youth should know these facts.

He was speaker, had major positions, this time I do not know of one incident where he accumulated wealth, I don’t know anything like that, these are facts, everyone should know.

In most sensitive periods he was disservice of Establishment, we had difference of opinion, it’s natural, but we should not create misunderstanding of people.  Of course, between him and president since they have had their difference of opinion since the president came to office. In foreign policy, manner of spreading social justice, cultural issues, the President’s ideas are closer to those of mine.


The same story regarding Moussavi (I believe he’s talking about Moussavi here, but not entirely sure), he has also served this revolution, rendered great services, he cares a lot about establishment, no doubt, live televised debates are good, but these short comings should be removed.

After the debates, I talked to president and warned him because I knew he would listen to me, regarding fighting and corruption, the position of the Establishment is clear one, in issues relating to social justice we have clear cut stance, corruption should be fought anywhere it is.


I want to mention the point here, we do not claim that in our Establishment there is no corruption, yes there is or else I would not write that 8 point letter addressing heads of legislative executive, of course we have that kind of corruption. but Islamic Establishment is one of soundest and healthiest in world today.

Attributing to some Zionist reports, accusing government and country of corruption, it is not the right thing to do.  Questioning credibility of statesman is not right thing to do either. Financial corruption is serious issue, should be fought against, everyone is obliged to fight corrupt, if corrupt is not brought under control it will spread as you can see in other countries, like western countries, they are up to their ears immersed in corruption, you can see this in UK, this scandal goes way beyond.

Addressing the people, the Friday election was an epic, the epic is historical, effected the world, some of our enemies in different parts of world, intended to depict victory wanted to indicate it as doubtful, some even wanted to show this as a national defeat, they wanted to give you bad taste in the mouth, they could not see that the highest turnout came in your name.


Well, the time for competition is over, all those people who voted for candidates, they will have rewards from God Almighty. They have all fought in the battlefront of this establishment, this may even be considered worship, depending on their intention, 40 million people voted for revolution, in favor of revolution, people trust. They have their trust, but some supporters of some candidates should know, be sure that the establishment would never manipulate votes and commit treason.


The legal structure does not allow any vote rigging, everyone who is in charge of election process they approve of this fact, 11 mil vote difference, sometimes there is a margin of 100,000, 2, then maybe you can doubt but there is a difference of 11 million votes, how can vote rigging happen?

At the same time, I said the point that the Guardian Council accepts this, that if some people have evidence then it should be dealt with through legal ways, only through legal channels, I will never accept illegal innovations.


Today if the legal frameworks are broken and in the future no election will be safe, every election some people are winners, some are losers, no election will be trusted in future this way. Therefore, things should be investigated right way based on law and if there is any doubt, we have a comprehensive law, there is no deficiency to that.  As candidates have their right to have observers, they have right to file complaint. I asked guardian council if they wanted recount, candidates can do that in their presence, that’s why I wanted to address you, respected people

Now I want to address politicians, candidates, party leaders that today we are at a critical historical juncture, look at world affairs, look at middle east, economic situation across, world, Iraq and Afghanistan, this is critical point, all of us are duty bound at this historic juncture to remain vigilant to remain cautious, not to make mistakes.  In the election people did what they were responsible to do, they did it their right way but we have heavier responsibilities on our shoulders, those in some ways, those who are looked upon as sores, orchestrating political waves, those people should be so cautious about their words and deeds.  If they show us a bit of extremism, then this extremism will penetrate into ranks of people and will lead to dangerous consequences, and spin out of control.  Extremism in society, will fan up another extremist move. If political elite want to ignore law and break law and take wrong measures, willy nilly, they will be held accountable for all violence and blood and rioting.


I recommend all these old friends of mine to be restraint, see enemies hands working.  They should see the hungry wolves laying in ambush, they are removing mask of diplomacy and seeing true face.  I recommend, see the true enemy.  Prominent diplomats of some western countries who have been dealing with us through diplomatic rhetoric, in the past few days they have removed their mask, you can see their true face.  Their enmity toward establishment, most is people of UK.

(chanting–down with UK, death to UK)

I tell these brothers of ours to think of their responsibility, they are responsible to God, they will be asked hereafter for those performance. I ask them to remember what Imam said in his will, law is source of reference for everyone.  What is an election held for?  All difference should be settled at ballot box. This determined what people want, not on streets.


If after every election those who have lost votes, if they take supporters to streets, and those who have secured votes and they have supporters on streets, then why on earth hold elections then?


People who are having their business on the streets, frequenting the streets, they live there and we should not go to streets and show off our supporters to people.  For a terrorist agent, an insider who is going to deal a terrorist blow, for those people hiding among masses is the best thing. People are going to take part in a rally.  It is a very good cover up, who will then be responsible for this?  A few people who got killed, they were ordinary people, who is going to be responsible?? Some will point to basij, who is going to be responsible.

I feel so bad hearing about such mishaps, tTehran university, the dormitories, they attack students…they are attacked, even though they have supported the leadership, my heart goes to those people.

(chanting–down to those who oppose the religious)

Arms wrestling is not the right thing to do, after the election it only challenges the election and democracy. I want everyone to put an end to this.  This is not the right thing to do.  If it not stopped, they will be held accountable for all this.

It is also wrong to assume that through their street riots they can have a pressure lever against establishment and try to force officials to actually listen to them, it is wrong to think this way.

Giving up to illegal demands under pressure is beginning of dictatorship.


This is a miscalculation, the consequences will direct those commanders behind the scenes, people will get to know them in due time.


I ask all these brothers of mine to act based on fraternity, friendship, abide by the law. I recommend them to take that way, choose that way, everyone wants progress.  The celebration of 40 million voters should be celebration, should not be ruined.  Of course, if some people want to choose another way, but this time i will speak to them MORE frankly.

(chanting–readiness to take leaders orders)

Third group I want to address are the leaders of media, western media and arrogant powers. In the last 3 weeks, I have witnessed, followed in weeks leading to election and on day and night of election, and also after days past after the election…there was a changing process before the election, you could see that the bias and the words was that they wanted to cast doubt about the election itself so they would see fewer people turnout.  They had estimations, they had predicted same results in UK and US….but they never imagined such great turnout.

When they saw such great turnout they were shocked.  They realized what has happened in Iran.  They came to understand that they need to adapt with new situation–international, regional, nuclear issues , they were in for a shock.  They realized there is a new chapter in issue related to Islamic Republic and they have to come to terms with new situation.  They saw great popular move, their own people covered the election on Friday morning, started comments, some feedback was seen.  When some candidates started protesting, then they felt that they had found a chance so they jumped at chance, their tone changed on Saturday and Sunday. What little they cast eyes on, some street rallies, called for by some candidates on streets. They pinned hope and gradually removed mask and showed true color.  Some foreign minister and heads of state of European countries and America made comments that helped you to get to know what they are rally about.

US president said that we were waiting for a day like this to see people on the street.  Some people write letters and say to us, we are ready to make ties, which one should we believe?

Foreign elements, started riots, vandalism, setting ablaze to public property, looted, tried to deprive people of security.  People’s security was targeted by these people.  It had nothing to with supporters of candidates, this stems from ill-wishers from mercenaries and elements working for espionage machines of west and Zionism.

(chanting–slogan of death to America)

What happened inside country, they are misleading people and misleading people outside our country.  They thought iran was like Georgia, and Islamic capitalist, said I spent some 10 millon in Georgia and started velvet revolution and these fools thought that this great nation, Islamic republic of Iran, this nation cannot be compared, their problem is that they have no comparison.  They come to know this revolution, this people.


What matters, what is the worst thing to me is the comments that were made in name of sympathizers for human rights, these comments by American officials.  They said that they are worried for the Iranian nation…YOU are worried? Do you consider anything called human rights.  What’s happening to Afghanistan, who is bringing fighting and bloodshed, who is crushing Iraq under soldiers boots and brought humility to that country, who supported tyrannical Zionist regime.  And inside America, you get surprised, during time of Democrats when they were in power, when the husband of this lady in America, Mrs. Clinton, 80 plus people related ,were burned alive at that time, by the same Democrats. For some reason, they were not accepted by Democrats, 80 people were burned alive in that house, now YOU realize what human rights is?

I believe officials of US and European countries should feel embarrassed and not open their mouth and say whatever they want to say.  Iran defends humanity, we support people of Palestine, Afghanistan anywhere where people are being oppressed. we are raising sign of support for those oppressed, we do not need any advice on human rights.

Finally, I want to address the 12th imam of the Shiites.

We tell him that we are doing what we have to do when we have said what we have had to say. i have my own life, I have a handicapped body.  And I have a little good name, that I owe that to you, I put this all on the line and I’m ready to sacrifice all I have, we besiege you to pray for us, everything in this country, this revolution, You are our supporter, we continue to the path with full force, we ask you to support us with prayers all along the way.

(chanting-wiling to give life for cause of their leader)


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  1. Either there will be mass murders of reformers or Khamenei will go down. At this point, something’s got to give…

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