My Ultimate (almost slightly realistic) Real Housewives of DC List

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Since the Real Housewives of NYC has been a secret obsession of mine for the past couple months and Bravo is now casting for a version in DC, I thought it only necessary to come up with my own Ultimate (and almost slightly realistic) Real Housewives of DC List.  Now, most of these women who made my list would never sign on to a reality show, avoiding the fate of reality roadkill like Bravo’s latest victim Kelly Bensimon. But, if we’re casting the truly better halves of DC sizzle power couples, (excluding our reaches like Michelle, Hillary and Pelosi) I think these women fit the list.

1. Ali Wentworth


Actress, comedienne, Oprah regular and current star in Head Case on Starz, Ali is the wife of Clinton WH vet and “This Week” host, George Stephanopolous. She’s no stranger to the DC social scene, descending from a line of DC royalty. Her mother, Mabel Cabot was Nancy Reagan’s White House social secretary, her father, Eric Wentworth, a reporter for the Washington Post.






2. Mary Matalin


The Republican strategist cut her teeth on the 1992 Presidential campaign trail, as deputy campaign manager for George H.W. Bush, spinning against Democratic counter-part and future hubby, James Carville.  Matalin worked inside the WH under W, in Cheney’s office before resigning in 2002. She’s a regular on Meet the Press, CNN and no stranger to television series, starring in HBO’s 2003 series K Street.





3. Donna Brazile


The self-proclaimed diva may be DC’s answer to houswive fan favorite, Bethanny Frankel.  Back in 2000, the AP said Brazile, “who can curse like a sailor before quoting the 27th Psalm, is just as likely to greet you at her office pushing a vacuum or holding a pot of homemade gumbo as with a phone to her ear.”  After working as the first black presidential campaign manager for Gore in 2000, Brazile’s a staple of Sunday morning talk, providing punchy analysis on DC politics on CNN, ABC and NPR.




4. Abigail Perlman Blunt


Lobbyist for Altria and wife of former House Majority Whip, Rep. Roy Blunt, Abigail Perlman Blunt was featured in a 2006 New Republic piece: Arm Candy, Beltway-Style: The Second Wives Club, where she and her husband were described as “the most notable –and notorious power union of recent times.” “Since his 1996 election, Blunt’s swift rise in the House has been credited to his close ties to K Street–ties undoubtedly strengthened by his friendly relations with the go-to gal for Altria, which just so happens to be one of Blunt’s top campaign con-tributors. Perlman, meanwhile, could not have asked for a more energetic champion of her employer’s interests than her congressional beau. In 2002, within hours of being named majority whip, Blunt quietly inserted a provision benefit-ing Altria-owned Philip Morris into the Homeland Security Act. Unfortunately for the couple, the measure was pulled as soon as colleagues discovered it, and when Blunt ran unsuccessfully to replace Tom DeLay as majority leader earlier this year, the boondoggle provided his opponents with much ammunition–highlighting the complications that can arise from having a power wife.”

5. Debbie Dingell


A Vice Chair of the Barbara Karmanos Cancer Center, Dingell is a player in Michigan politics and married to Congressman John Dingell (D-MI), the longest serving House member.  Also a top lobbyist for General Motors, the biggest contributor to her husband’s 2006 re-election campaign.  In a 2007 blog on Huffington Post, Dingell defended her husband’s commitment to campaign ethics and wrote “I deeply resent those that take cheap shots at my husband,” and defended CAFE legislation of which her husband was an original author.

6.  Valerie Plame


She’s still smiling, despite being living proof of how dirty DC politics can get. Plame took centerstage during the CIA leak investigation, when the former CIA operative, was outed in a 2003 column by Robert Novak.  The outing led to an investigation which found the leak came from inside the WH and led all the way to the Vice President’ office.  In 2007, with a cushy 2.5 mil book deal with Simon and Shuster, Plame chronicled her experience in “Fair Game: My Life As A Spy, My Betrayal by the White House.” Her husband, Joe Wilson, who rivals RHNYC Simon’s love of the spotlight and fervent defense of his wronged wife, co-signed a deal along with Valerie  to consult on an upcoming Hollywood movie based on Plamegate.


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