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NRO’s Jim Geraghty on Cheney’s speech:

“But in a nutshell, the Cheney argument is, ‘it worked.’ And when he notes that after 9/11, the administration and all of the various government agencies managed to prevent another attack on American soil for 2,689 days, it’s a rather illuminating figure. … If there is another successful and terrible terror attack, either on U.S. soil or on a U.S. target abroad, the immediate moment will be too terrible to hear the words ‘I told you so.’  But if, God forbid, that day comes, we will know that indeed Dick Cheney did tell us so.”

The short term memory of these NRO writers is astounding.  Do they not consider the worst attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor happened during the Bush administration’s watch?  What about myriad of stories we heard from Richard Clarke on Bush’s failure acknowledge counterintelligence on a potential attack?   It’s almost impressive how Cheney has managed to build himself and the Bush administration up as the only true protectors of the country’s security.  NRO’s Peter Kirsanow wrote today, “When that big asteroid finally heads toward Earth, who’s the person you’d most want to be in charge? I suspect Cheney would score at or near the top.”  No, I’d rather have the president who prepared and planned for the asteroid coming.


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