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Chief Republican recruiter, Kevin McCarthy, is taking a page out of the Democrats’ political playbook–literally.  According to, McCarthy has been thumbing through “The Thumpin”, which recounts Rahm Emanuel’s 2006 campaign to take back Congress.  The premise: focus on putting forward candidates who better reflect the values of each constituency.  It’s a nice thought, surely flattering to Rahm, but let’s be serious…it ain’t gonna happen.  Exhibit A: The Special Election for the US Congressional 20th District (NY).  GOP nominee, Jim Tedisco, a pillar of the community, model citizen, (think Ned Flanders without the bible thumpin) ran against former banker, Scott Murphy.  Murphy, with a little help from his friend Obama, eeked out a victory with Tedisco conceding the race on April 24th.  So, here’s the best example of a candidate who clearly identifies with his constituency, the ultimate little league coach candidate, and he lost…and to a banker! The problem isn’t the candidate, it’s the entire GOP brand, and it’s tainting the best the party has to offer.

Moreover, the Democrats’ win back in 2006 didn’t occur in a political vacuum. Remember various GOPers were getting slaughtered with corruption charges (Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, etc) and Bush’s argument for invading Iraq was turning increasingly tenuous.  Yes Rahm (and Schumer! come on, give this guy some credit!) picked good candidates, but ultimately they leveraged an atmosphere of Republican hypocrisy to the Dem’s advantage.   So, until it’s revealed that Michelle has a past that rivals Miss California, I doubt the GOP will find anything that sticks to the Dems.  Sorry, McCarthy, I guess it’s back to the drawing board.


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