High Favorables For Obama Among Arab Community, Poll Shows

May 11, 2009 at 9:56 am | Posted in Barack Obama | 1 Comment

A new McClatchy/Ipsos poll out shows Obama winning the popularity contest among the Arab community, despite a low overrall perception of the United States.  Among the 6 Middle East nations polled, a majority think that Obama will have a positive impact on the Middle East. 

“Saudi Arabians have a 53 percent favorable opinion of Obama, followed by 52 percent in the United Arab Emirates. From there, Obama’s popularity dips below 50 percent with a 47 percent favorability rating in Kuwait, 43 percent in Lebanon and 35 percent in Egypt. In none of these countries, however, was Obama’s unfavorable rating higher than his favorable one.

In contrast, only 38 percent of Saudis have a favorable view of the United States, followed by 36 percent of Jordanians, 34 percent of UAE residents, 31 percent of Lebanese and 22 percent of Egyptians.”

Next steps for Obama are to extend these favorable ratings (won through a deliberate and strategic courtship evidenced here, here and here) to the U.S., arguing he embodies the American spirit and objective to engage peacefully with the Arab community.  The poll is especially encouraging because it means that the damage from Bush on U.S./Middle East relations is not irreparable and Obama actually has a fairly good shot at getting results on a peace deal.


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  1. The only reason the Arabs like him is because:

    #1) opposed to helping Israel in its suppression of terrorism
    #2) won’t go after Iran or any other Arab nation because he has no foreign experience

    Let’s face it. Arabs love Obama because he won’t do anything to his “voting” base. They aren’t scared of him. They can do whatever they want and he’ll just smile and wave back because he’s too much of a “Barney (I love you)” type of person rather than someone who is worried about protecting Americans.

    Obama only gets “high” ratings because people think he is COOL. Cool is not presidential or leadership material. Cool is the guy who would rather shake your hand and share a beer with than discuss important matters. I most certainly do not want the leader of my country to listen to Jay-Z and think that is “cool” as it describes women in extremely degrading terms as well as wanting to kill cops. If that’s “cool”, then that isn’t leadership. That’s just another gang banger wanna-be dressed in a suit.

    Give me leadership. Give me a president who will do the unpopular thing because it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Obama is too much of a “band-wagoner” to do anything RIGHT but rather will do the wrong thing simply because his “peeps” want it to be.

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