Obama by the Numbers

April 27, 2009 at 6:57 am | Posted in Barack Obama | Leave a comment

I’m still catching up on news after a short weekend trip away.  This is from Friday’s First Read and thought it would be worth reposting as we approach Obama’s 100th Day in office:

— he’s conducted 10 press conferences (Wednesday’s will make it 11)
— he’s given at least 10 major speeches
— he’s held seven town halls (Wednesday’s will make it eight)
— he’s embarked on 13 different trips (Wednesday’s will make it 14)
— he’s signed 13 bills into law
— he’s signed 19 executive orders
— he’s, according to our friends at PolitiFact, kept 27 promises, broken six, and compromised on seven others

Unemployment Rate
When Obama took office: 7.6%
Now: 8.5%

Dow Jones Industrial Average
When Obama took office: 8,281
Now: 8,084  (as of 12:18 pm ET today)

Number U.S. of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (per NBC’s Courtney Kube)
When Obama took office: about 172,000
Now: 177,000

Note: By Wednesday, the only modern presidents who will have conducted more press conferences in their first 100 days than Obama are Truman (14) and Clinton (13).

Note: Of Obama’s domestic trips, only three have been to states that weren’t battleground states in 2008, and one of those exceptions — Arizona — will most likely be a battleground in 2012.


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