By George, Get Rid of Noonan!

April 21, 2009 at 3:12 pm | Posted in Media Watch | Leave a comment
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I’m joining the chorus of media writers who have announced the throne of the Sunday political news show is up for grabs, especially since ABC has stepped it up a notch with a lively panel of debate the last couple weeks, thanks to Paul Krugman. But by George, get rid of Peggy Noonan! I didn’t like her on MTP and I don’t like her on This Week. I rarely find any of her analysis compelling or thought provoking – and that’s not because she tows the conservative line, heck I tune in and perk up whenever Newt’s on!

Noonan, to me, is every producer’s nightmare. In print, she’s sharp and witty, but on TV, she’s a bore- preachy, rarely substantive, coming across as more of an operative than an analyst. So where is it all going wrong…where is the Peggy from the pages of the WSJ? Maybe Maureen Dowd would know, she seems to suffer from the same Sunday morning brain freeze. A disappointing reality, as they are arguably the top two female columnists of today and they’re not living up to the standards they’ve set in print.

If ABC can update its panel with a female voice who brings the brains, the wit and the TV savvy (at the same time) then the throne could be George’s for the taking.


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