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I did an interview with BBC Radio Scotland this morning on American reaction to Obama’s trip abroad and to prepare, I clicked over to NYT to see what the latest news was on G20.  From what I had read the night before, the Big O was a huge hit, especially his M-O, Michelle.  BUT, right now, the NYT front page article reads “Obama Star Turn At Summit Gets Mixed Results”.  Huh?  Basically, the piece goes something like this: Obama was the consummate negotiator, working together with the global community to solve the economic crisis, even sorting out a tiff between Sarkozy and Jintao on tax havens at one point.  But “he also had a few gaffes.” Michelle (gasp) touched the Queen and Obama presented her with a lousy iPod.  I asked some colleagues here about this alleged touching incident and they actually quite quickly came to Obama’s defense, responding that she touched him first.  And about the iPod…okay, maybe not the classiest gift ever, but does it really warrant “mixed results” analysis of the Obamas’ performance at G20?!?!  Pa-lease.  This sounds more like trivial banter from Us Weekly than substantive analysis from the grey lady.


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