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Fine, I’ll admit it. I’m suffering from blogger’s block. 2 topics dominate the political headlines now.  And I can’t bring myself to write about either one:  Rush and the stimulus bill.  On the current Rush-a-thon, out of principle, I refuse to spill anymore virtual ink on a wingnut who’s dominance over the Republican Party has been debated almost as often as whether Rihanna will take that douche Chris Brown back… or if Twitter is the new Facebook. ENOUGH. Congressional Republicans were going to find a way to block Obama.  Rush is not and will not be their party leader, he was simply the catalyst for some post-election party polarization. Great, I just did what I told myself I wouldn’t do.

Ok, on to number 2. The stimulus bill. Variations of that debate are as follows:

a. will it work?

b. of course it will

c. no way in hell

d. it’s too big

e. it’s not big enough…(whoa get your mind out of the gutter)

Here’s my beef: Most economists admit that the damage done to the global economy is of catastrophic proportions, so complicated the Whartons and HBS’s of the world can barely wrap their heads around it. And within this small circle of experts there’s STILL  debate. Many disagree on what started this mess. At what point it got out of hand. Who’s to blame? What’s to blame? We’ve seen the bottom of it, or have we?

If the experts can’t agree–then how can the countless scribblers and talking heads with a standing invitation to write a column for a newspaper, an hour to bloviate on a cable news channel, or a 3 hour slot on talk radio confidently form their grand opinions of economic omnipotence?

So, unlike, what seems like everyone else who acts like a modern day Merlin of the U.S. economy, I won’t pretend to know what the best prescription is for the country. I honestly hope that Obama’s stimulus bill will do the trick, but I can’t argue that it will because I know the magic formula and you don’t. And I won’t bash it because I secretly want it to fail in order to gain political points and salvage a sinking party.  The truth is no one knows. And (here’s the idealist in me) the faster we can agree on that, the faster, perhaps, we can get cracking on an alternative if Obama’s plan doesn’t pan out.


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