Well Played, Barack Obama

March 5, 2009 at 10:44 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Per MSNBC’s First Read:

craigfugateA Fu(gate) good men: Think Team Obama learned not to repeat this Bush administration mistake — appoint someone to head FEMA with little prior experience in emergency management? Yesterday, Obama named Craig Fugate, director of Florida’s emergency management — who knows a thing or two about natural disasters — to lead FEMA. And today, Fugate will appear with Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan at an event in New Orleans to signal the Obama administration’s commitment to rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Fugate is a Republican, and the pick was praised by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and current Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, who said in a statement: “Florida’s loss will be the nation’s gain. Craig is a top-notch individual who has helped Florida through some very severe hurricanes. He set the national model for disaster preparedness and I look forward to his swift confirmation.”


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  1. Great blog. I’m not certain how but our wordpress connection linked me here.

    I blog on the wordpress blog SLABBED where we follow post-Katrina insurance issues with private coverage, NFIP, and state-funded overage such as wind pools with a focus on Mississippi and Louisiana.

    We have post up today that you might want to check out – it’s about a court case currently in jury trial with one group of insurers in the Mississippi wind pool suing the insurers on the Board (State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, and one or two others)for for breech of contract.

    The bottom line issue is the plaintiffs’ claim that the defendants profited when they didn’t purchase enough reinsurance in 2005 (Katrina).

    The case was filed in 2006 (after plaintiffs got the bill) but there has been “0” coverage in the media. I stumbled on it last night doing research on other Katrina cases.

    In current economy, the implications of the claims in this case are mind boggling.

    We’re pleased with Mr. Fugate, too, by the way and thought Obama’s choice signaled a “change we need” – and have needed for a long time.

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