Sorry Campbell, Bias Is In

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Politico has a piece out today on journalists jumping the news ship to take jobs within the Obama administration.  Jill Zuckman of the Chicago Tribune is the third prominent journalist to take a position inside the new Democratic administration after her Tribune colleague Peter Gosselin and Time’s Jay Carney.

The problem with selecting high profile journlists is that it resurrects conservatives’ claim that during the campaign the media overwhelmingly favored Obama over McCain.  That was swatted down as pure nonsense by the MSM. But, now, with supposedly -a-political journalists from the Trib and Time jumping on Obama’s bandwagon, how can the MSM stand by their promise to deliver unbiased news?

Jill Zuckman says her decision to join Obama wasn’t about political preference, it was purely economical. She needed a job.  Jill, please, let’s be real.  After 8 years of global embarrassment from Bush and the cultural phenomeon of Obama, who wouldn’t want to ride off into the night with the big O?

The real news headline from this is the silence, the apathy, the total absence of an overwhelming cry of hypocrisy, a demand for fair and balanced news, delivered straight from the place for politics, with no bias, and no bull.  No outcry and why not? Because fair news is out, bias is in, sorry Campbell. Many would rather turn to news outlets that deliver content in the packaged form that they want and have learned to expect.  If you’re liberal and angry watch Keith Olbermann.  If you’re conservative and anti-all things democrat, watch Sean Hannity.  If you want salacious and embarassing GOP stories, log on to the Huffington Post.  The brands of NY Times, the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune are hurting because the currency they once traded in– fair news– is quickly depreciating.

So while I find what conservatives are calling a revolving door between the administration and the media hypocritical by all accounts, I think it confirms a cultural trend in news media that many in the MSM have failed to realize or accept.


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