My Last Rant On Obama’s Bad Blago Press

December 12, 2008 at 12:41 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

He’s been arrested, charged with multiple counts of political corruption “that would make Lincoln turn over in his grave” and now defiantly refuses to step down as governor of Illinois…but it’s not Rod Blagojevich getting the bad press…it’s Barack Obama.

After declaring Blago’s political career dead on arrival, the media spin-meisters have moved on to target number two, first anticipating and now assessing the political damage to president-elect Obama.  For nearly 3 hours yesterday on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough pushed a close relationship between Obama and Blagojevich. On Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity with the fed documents in hand for dramatic effect, resurrected the Tony Rezko link, saying “I wonder if we’re starting to see what we suspected of Barack Obama. I think the Tony Rezko issue is going to be a big problem for him. Especially since he’s all over this document. The word President-elect is mentioned 44 times.”  Even Chuck Todd of MSNBC’s First Read wrote, “As for the scandal’s impact on Obama, no doubt that it will be embarrassing for him and his incoming administration.”  Wow…Obama AND his administration…it seems no one in Obamaland is safe.

But, Obama shouldn’t be be blushing over Blago.  Federal prosecutors, many appointed under President Bush, have repeatedly stated that Obama was not implicated in the investigation. It’s well-documented that Obama kept his distance from Blagojevich while serving as the Senator from Illinois. And, ironically, it was Obama’s phone call to Blagojevich, where he asked for the governor’s support in passing an ETHICS bill that essentially sparked Blago’s “crime spree.” That’s right, an ethics bill.

So why all the negative press?  After months of swatting down accusations of favoring Obama, many in the press have now reversed course and abruptly ended the so-called media darling’s free ride, with talking heads fighting over the first bloom off Obama’s rose, a gleeful anticipation over the golden boy’s first stumble.  It’s classic cable news: sensationalism to boost those Nielson numbers in this post-election news slump.

So, don’t believe Obama must certainly be guilty because he may have talked to Blagojevich at some point during his political career.  Or because he lived and worked in Chicago, he must be corrupt.  I say Blagojevich’s arrest, although at the hands of the feds, is still a sign that Obama is making good on his promise of change…it’s coming…just starting in his own backyard.



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  1. Typical guilt by association. It’s been played against Obama before and it hasn’t stuck. Won’t this time either.

    Not to mention, since the campaign, aside from the overtly depressing news on the economy, this is the first juicy bit of news in some time. I’m not surprised the media is all over this like flies on… well, you get the point.

    It’s the off-season right now and we’re all bored waiting for W’s end to finally come.

  2. So Obama had Blago arrested?

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