What is Politico Smoking?

October 14, 2008 at 11:07 pm | Posted in '08 Campaign | Leave a comment
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Looks like the folks over at Politico are either delirious from election fatigue or just shamelessly rooting for a horse race.  According to their Gameday page, the McCain campaign has won a second consecutive day in the daily campaign wars.  They’ve given another win to McCain DESPITE Obama’s 14 point lead in the latest New York Times/CBS Poll released earlier this evening AND a recent article penned by Politico on Obama’s lead in key battleground states.  If the 24-hour news cycle is the metric the Politico staff is using to pick a daily winner, than of course McCain should win (occasionally).  But, that’s precisely the problem.  As Chuck Todd has pointed out, McCain’s campaign has been too driven by the politics of rapid response and consequently, has failed to develop a long-term message, narrative or strategy. Todd put it best on MTP, Oct 5:

“…if you look and go back to the first presidential debate where John McCain was lecturing Obama about the difference between a tactic and a strategy, and when I heard him say that, I thought, ‘Boy, that is the debate going on inside your own campaign is you’re a series of tactics with no strategy. This William Ayers stuff, I talked to one Democrat who says, ‘Why didn’t they do this when they did celebrity?’ You know, why weren’t they setting this up for months? And what’s happened is—and we’ve said this before—the McCain campaign chases the news cycle…it’s just a series of tactics, and I think they are lacking a strategy.”

Based on Obama’s surge in national polls and key battlegrounds, it looks like the only battle McCain has a shot at winning is Politico’s Gameday.


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