Ring the Alarm

October 9, 2008 at 5:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

At a rally just minutes ago in Wisconsin, McCain admits his campaign is in trouble:

“Wisconsin, I need your vote, this is going to be a tough state for me to carry.  It’s about the 7th or 8th time that pundits have said McCain’s campaign is in trouble, but we’ll prove them wrong again.”



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  1. Thank you for writing on important issues.

    I’m going to RSS your blog.

  2. I also find interesting to see a new kind of “fear” appearing on TV yesterday. The fear of “President” Obama.

    I created a little table to compare the 20th Century with what the 21th Century could be

    20: Unjustified Wars, possible nuclear annihilation, terrorism
    21: Peace, Cooperation, Sustainable Development

    20: Oil, Global Warming, Nuclear Energy
    21: Renewable energy, Environment

    20: Greed, Superwealth, Financial crisis
    21: Humanism, Everyone contributes and benefits from society

    20: Homelessness, hanger, pandemies, poverty
    21: We know how to feed, lodge, educate and cure everyone

    20:Lobbying, corruption, abusing authority
    21: Politics funded by the people, for the people

    20: Ralph Lauren upped the ante on its notoriously expensive Ricky bag: It will now be available made-to-order in 20 shades of alligator skin, including platinum, “vibrant cherry” or cobalt, and priced from $12,995 to $28,995.
    21: ??

    Now, I am confused, should I fear that we spend one more day in the 20th century or finally spend some quality time in the 21st century?

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