Flip Floppin Mitt

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Romney’s speech tonight is “Washington is Broken.”  But just 9 months ago he didn’t think John McCain was the person to fix it.

“I think Republican voters who like myself were virtually certain that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee have now begun to rethink Hillary Clinton may not be the nominee. It may well be Barack Obama. And if they think: who could post up against Barack Obama in these debates and in the message that’s taken to, to Washington, they’re going to recognize that, that a long serving United States senator is not the best match up. That if his message is about change, and if he’s been able to, to be so effective in delivering that message that he’s now put Hillary Clinton on her heels, and pushed Joe Biden and Chris Dodd out of the race, that we better think about somebody who could stand up with a message and go toe to toe with him. And I frankly dont think that Senator McCain despite his service and his length of experience, that that’s going to be able to stand up to the message that Barack Obama has brought forward. I think, I think Barack Obama would be able to do to John McCain exactly what he was able to do to the other senators who’re running on the Democratic side.”

-Mitt Romney

January 7, 2008 New Hampshire Presser


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