Don’t Stand So Close To Me

September 2, 2008 at 11:13 pm | Posted in '08 Campaign, McCain | Leave a comment
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President Bush addressed the Republican National convention via satellite from the White House tonight, sending the McCain campaign into a spin of political acrobatics as outgoing president, with an approval rating hovering around 30, percent took the spotlight.

The delicate dance McCain is leading tonight is to use the President to energize the Republican base, without undermining his argument that he’s the true candidate of change.  A tall order as Obama’s chorus of attacks linking McCain to Bush grow only louder.
But, McCain escaped from the Bushes unscathed tonight, as the President was strategically slipped between two tribute videos to Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.  The implication: Bush is a mere anomaly in a series of successful Republican Reigns. 

I doubt the public will buy it.  First, Teddy Roosevelt left office 100 years ago.  You can’t seriously play that card.  Second, the Reagan lovefest is getting old.    Is the voting public really that distracted by shiny metal objects that the last eight years of Bush are magically erased with images of the Gipper?  Please. Third, Bush is no anomaly, no blip on the screen.  He had 8 years in office to get it right and he didn’t. And fourth, if the McCain campaign wants to walk down memory lane of Republican presidents of the past, NEXT STOP: Richard Nixon.




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