She Nailed It

August 25, 2008 at 11:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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Michelle Obama killed two birds with one stone tonight, headlining Day 1 of the DNC with a speech focussed on her husband’s biography — as well as her own. The strategy from the Obama campaign is to answer any remaining doubts and questions voters may have about the soon-to-be nominee with stories about Obama’s background.   But, Michelle also talked about her own biography and how no where in the world is her story possible.  The line that stands out is her profession of love for the country, an obvious effort to silence criticism that she is not a “patriotic American.”  Tonight, Michelle marked a clear end to that debate, erasing question marks regarding her level of patriotism with a poetic, emotional, and vulnerable delivery. More importantly, Michelle inoculated herself against any future attacks the McCain campaign may have up its sleeve.  Simply, unless Michelle trips up on the trail, she’s in the clear.  No one can touch her. And the McCain campaign will have to resort to towing the tired empty-celeb line and lame attacks ads starring Obama supporter, Hillary Clinton.


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  1. She knocked it out of the park last night. What a great speech. What kills me is Carvel and Gergen saying the convention should have been attacking Bush/McCain from the start.

    Why? So people are sick of the attack lines midway through the second night? That’s not what Obama is about. It will reach crescendo with Biden Wednesday night, starting with Billary tonight. And Barack will take his shots as well. Carville and Gergen need to relax. Last night was about introducing the Obamas to Americans who don’t read the blogs on a daily basis…

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