New Couple Alert

July 18, 2008 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Lots of buzz about Romney as the must pick for McCain’s VP.  The list of credentials:

-Successful businessman = master of all things economy

-Father was Michigan Governor = must win key battleground state

-Handsome/Charismatic/Uses a computer =  offsets McCain’s elderly grandpa image

-Generation buzz = McCain needs a wow factor in his race against the “messiah”…plus who on the Obama list of VPs could generate as much buzz (other than Clinton)?

BUT, the two have a history of heated and icy exchanges.  Take a look:



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  1. I actually voted for Romney over McCain in the primary, as Thompson was already out. I don’t know if it is the best choice, but I would not mind. I just think the press would really ride him for being Mormon. Is that a double standard? Yes, seeing as how Harry Reid is mormon and no one says a word.

    And you are correct about all that Romney adds to McCain.

    Who can Obama pick that will help him win? Sam Nunn from Georgia. Conservative Democrat with military experience. Webb and others have said they won’t do it, maybe because they sense he might lose, don’t know, I can’t read their minds. It does make you wonder why they have said outright that they would not do it even if asked.

  2. Obama will most likely pick Wesley Clark, that’s the real reason the Republicans went into attack mode over his statement. To try and keep it from happening. And of course they sent out Bud Day to do it, the same guy who was a part of the GOP funded smear campaign Swiftboat Vets For Truth.

    As for Romney, he’s a gift that’ll keep on giving, to the Democrats. The guy’s got even fewer principles than McCain. Hell, during his failed attempt to become a Senator , he tried to run to the left of Ted Kennedy! And who can forget his ever so charming “Who let the dogs out,” photo op? Oh please, please please please pick Romney!

  3. No way Obama picks Clark. Forget what he said on TV (which was totally taken out of context), but he’s an HRC guy. Obama will pick someone he is comfortable with. My money’s on Sebelius or Reed (Jack).

    As for Romney, it wold be a gift for the Dems. I’m from MA and he is a joke. Even though he may have economic creds, he’ll say and do whatever is politically convenient for him at the time. The StraightTalk Express may have trouble with that (that is if it were actually a conveyor of straight talk itself). The Morman thing will kill him as well. All it’ll take is one question about his magic underwear.

    But the criticism of Reid (or lack there of) is inaccurate. He is an elected official of his constuents. Maybe Mormonism isn’t that big a deal to his constituents. Last I checked, he is not a senator from a bible-belt state.

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