The Week in *Pre* View

July 15, 2008 at 1:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Obama’s opening move this week was a play on foreign policy, penning an Op-Ed in the Tiiiiimes called “My Plan For Iraq” and delivering a major address on the war and national security in D.C. before debuting on the world stage next week, making stops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Jordan. BUT Obama got sideswiped by the New Yorker, which decided to run a smorgesboard of Obama smears on its cover: depicting Obama in a turban fist-bumping an Afro-wearing AK 47-toting 60’s radicalesque Michelle Obama in the Oval Office while an American flag burns in the background.

Sounds awful I know, but there is a hint of silver lining here: the cover may actually have been the lesser of two evils, attracting attention to what some are calling tasteless and offensive and away from an eye-opening piece beyond the cover by Ryan Lizza on Obama’s history as a Chicago politician, revealing a more ruthless side of Barack “don’t call me a politician” Obama.

And yes, believe it or not, there was some news on the McCain side today: Bush III got a thumbs up from Bush himself on offshore drilling, as the lameduck scapegoated Democratic-led Congress for doing what he considers NOTHING on the economy and rising gas prices. It’s just unacceptable he said. Are you KIDDING me?!

So who won the day? Well, with Fannie and Freddie going belly up, the big talker is obviously the economy and McCain’s big draw today, even though it was delivered by a president with historically low job approval ratings, WAS actually about the economy. Obama tried to gain traction on foreign policy but the New Yorker cover magnified what many fence sitting voters have been wondering for some time: who is this guy, what does he stand for?  And so, the cover is not a resurrection of lies the Obama camp has worked doggedly to bury, but is proof that questions about the candidate still remain and the campaign shouldn’t rely on a website to fight the smears: Obama 0, McCain 1


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