Et tu, Brute?

July 10, 2008 at 1:10 am | Posted in '08 Campaign | 2 Comments
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I didn’t want to get into what the surrogates or political heavy weights weighing in on the race said on this blog, but boy was the Jackson stuff a doozy! Here’s what he said in case you missed it (try to stomach the 7 seconds of O’Reilly….ugh I know, I know):

Besides the low brow excitement of hearing Jesse Jackson reveal Bobbit-like tendencies, this is nothing but good news, from a tactical point of view, for Camp Obama. The public hit jobs allow Obama to demonstrate superior character with a calm and magnanimous response, gliding into a presidential persona, while the other appears to engage in school yard antics. And Jackson’s hit isn’t the only attack set to backfire. First, there’s the pro-life Christian group circulating an image of Obama as a black Uncle Sam with the words “I want you to pay for Abortions!”  Then there’s Lieberman’s veiled assertions that Obama won’t be able to handle the INEVITABLE (dun dun dun) terrorist attacks, sure to come off as a tired and pathetic scare tactic. And now Jesse “Judas” Jackson’s claim that the black community is tired of Obama’s “lecturing,” allows camp Obama to respond with a sympathy-inducing: Et tu, Brute?



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  1. It’s amazing

  2. What a difference a year makes.

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