Is Obama Trampling The Netroots?

July 2, 2008 at 2:51 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments


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  1. Going off of the amount of angry posts about Sen. Obama and FISA, SCOTUS Gun/death penalty rulings, and the faith based initiative talk, yeah I would say he is pissing of the netroots. I think it is simply part of a larger strategy though and it will probably pay off.

    I think Obama wants to win southern states and I also think he wants to solidify swing states like Ohio. Youโ€™re absolutely right, in this phase of the campaign he is trying to peel off Republican votes and increase his familiarity among groups where he has high negatives. He probably does not need to do this to hold on to or win states like Ohio but he does need to chip off Republican votes in places like GA and NC if he wants to win them.

    The Newsweek poll that had him leading by 15 points randomized the order of the questions; and of those that responded when first asked whether the country was headed in the right direction or not, they went strongly for Obama. This fact shows how stupidly easy it is to remind people, โ€œHey guys, McCain equals more failed policies!โ€ and how effective this tactic is.

    Things like Iraq or the economy are probably not going to be significantly different by November. The Obama campaign can ratchet up its rhetoric on this whenever they want to and his current right leaning statements are going to make the coming economy/war push all the more effective. I think Sen. Obama wants a mandate and he is not going to get it by pandering to the left.

    Ultimately I just cannot manage to get too worked up about many of the things the netroots can. Faith based initiatives? Yeah, whatever, if I for one minute thought that Obama would continue to support say, abstinence only education, I would be much more upset. I think that is a pretty good example of a harmful intrusion of religion in government.

  2. The Netroots need to get over themselves a bit. Obama is running for President of the USA, not President of the NetRoots. In order to win this race, he needs to bring in people from all walks of life and points of view. The NetRoots won’t win him an election alone. I think they need to take a deep breath and relax (and realize, this is how you win!).

  3. What makes you think the Netroots are far left? Take the top ten lefty blogs, and which positions do they advocate that put them in the far left column? Is being opposed to violating the constitution really, seriously considered far left? Opposed to the endless lying of the Bush administration is somehow far left? I guess I just don’t buy into the Hannity/O’Reilly language of calling anyone who disagrees with conservatives without apologizing first “Far left.”

    As for Obama trying to win over people who voted for Bush in ’04, any of them who were able to be swayed have already gone over to the Obama camp. The ones remaining are going to vote for McCain no matter what.

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