Hillary’s VP Bargaining Chip

June 11, 2008 at 6:23 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
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Hillary Clinton is positioning herself for a VP offer, not because she wants it, but so she can reject it.



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  1. Well, I mostly agree with you on who Obama wiull eventually pick. He won’t be old though. I think it’ll be Jim Webb.

    As for HRC and her supporters (and the “rejected”), the saying goes “Time heals all wounds”. She/they/and your friend (potentially) will get over it. And maybe she’ll be a better politician for it.

  2. I hope you know that there is a good chance that he was talking about you. I don’t know if you know this other person he was talking about, but I’ve done this myself before.

    Anyways…I enjoy your blog. I think your completely wrong most of the time, but I still enjoy it. 🙂

    You are correct about Hillary, she acts like she wants the VP, but will reject it. This is ALL an act, and only plays into her desire for the 2012 nomination. I don’t say this to rub it in anyones face, but she has bloodied him up to the point of him not being capable of winning, I don’t care what the press says or what the “polls” are showing. The polls also said Kerry was going to win in a landslide. And rejecting the VP spot will only serve to further that goal of her desire to be nothing less than President.

    IMO, she is an extremely power hungry person, and NOT to be under-estimated in her attempts to gain it.

  3. HRC is history. She will not have a big part to play in this election.

  4. The reality is that no politician would publicly reject a running mate offer made by the actual nominee of his/her party. Privately, perhaps. Publicly, never. Furthermore, Hillary would likely accept, even though there is good reason to doubt that Obama can be elected in November. Her acceptance would demonstrate to the Party that she is willing to fall in line for the good of the Party. Then, even if McCain wins, she would simply return to the Senate in an excellent position to become the next Majority leader. Obama would return to the Senate also; but his star would be tarnished by the loss to McCain, and he would have a tough time removing the tarnish.

    As for those old white males:

    Wes Clark would be an excellent running mate for Obama; and he might even accept if the request is made; but I don’t think he wants to be asked.

    Joe Sestak would also be terrific. Jim Webb – perhaps, although two one-term Senators really is a long-shot.

    However, I expect he’ll settle for someone like Tony McPeak or one of his other early military supporters (which are few in number).

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