Can SHE Close?

May 2, 2008 at 1:56 pm | Posted in '08 Campaign, Democratic Party | 1 Comment
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Now that the political landscape is smoothing out for Hillary, will the tables turn on her?  She’s up 49 to 45 in the latest Gallup poll, breaking the margin of error for the first time in months.  Her favorability rating is up, her negatives are down.  Conversely, Obama’s negatives are up, positive are down, *and* more people say he does not share their values compared to those polled last month.  So, if the main argument against Obama right now is “Why can’t he close?” , will the same question be posed to Clinton?  If she doesn’t take North Carolina and Indiana now that the political winds are at her back, will people start wondering why SHE can’t close?



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  1. She can’t close, in the sense of nailing down the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination, until after the un-pledged (“super”) delegates make their decisions. She’s had 4 wins in the past 3 months, so no one should be wondering “Why can’t she close” quite yet. Obama has had 12 wins in that same time – so the question still rests with him, imo.

    As for NC, it will be remarkable if Hillary narrows the gap there sufficiently to prevent Obama from completely negating her popular vote margin in Pennsylvania. In other words, even if she loses NC by 100,000 votes, that’s not all bad so long as she wins Indiana by at least 5%.

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