Obama TOO Principled?

April 30, 2008 at 1:56 am | Posted in '08 Campaign, Democratic Party | 1 Comment

Could Obama be too idealist, too principled to run for president? It seems there’s a disconnect existing among voters between whom they want RUNNING for president and whom they want making actual policy decisions in the White House. Just take a look at Bush and Cheney.  Even if you were Republican, would you really vote for a guy who snarls when he smiles? I don’t think so.  And today’s campaign gimmick is a perfect example.  Obama refuses to pander to his base and support McCain’s “proposal” for a gas tax break that would save you…wait for it…a whole 30 bucks.  So, if Obama won’t pander to his base by supporting campaign teasers like a gas tax holiday (please, more like gas tax 10 minute preschool nap time), how will he win the White House?


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  1. No, Obama is not any more principled than the next politician. That’s the image he tries to project, but (for one example) he seriously exaggerates his anti-Iraq war credentials so he can claim superior judgment. Sure, he made that speech in Oct, 2002 – but then did nothing whatsoever to oppose the war until January, 2005 when he very politely asked Condi Rice to tell him when she would have 120,000 Iraqis trained. Then he was silent again until November, 2005 after Jack Murtha said we needed to withdraw.

    Furthermore, if you look at what he said in his much touted Oct 2002 speech, he told George Bush to fight to ensure that the inspectors get back into Iraq. Nine days after State Senator Obama’s speech, US Senator Hillary Clinton made a speech on the Senate floor explaining that she was voting for the Iraq War Resolution so that Bush would have the ability to threaten war to get the inspectors back into Iraq. Sound similar? It was. but Obama has twisted it to seem as if she was vehemently pro-war (she was not) and he was vehemently anti-war (he was not – as his lack of any anti-war activity whatsoever for most of three long years amply demonstrates).

    No. He’s far from principled. In fact, he is so un-principled that he has run his entire campaign as if he’s the shining anti-war genius and Hillary is some sort of idiot hawk. That, my dear hotfiler is the stark reality. Want more evidence? OK, take a look at how meekly he accepted Condi Rice’s answers back in January of 2005. Then contrast what he said to her with what Hillary said only a few days later in January, 2005 in explaining her vote to confirm Condi. Hillary was harshly critical of what Bush was and was not doing in Iraq, and said that Condi bore some great responsibility for all those mistakes.

    Then fast foreward to November, 2005. One week after Murtha stunned the House with his call for withdrawal, Obama made a speech in Chicago (again – safe territory) using much of Wesley Clark’s ideas about what needed to be done about Iraq. Good for him. However, one week after that Hillary emailed all of her supporters that after examining Murtha’s statements, and checking with her sources (including Clark), she was flaming angry at George w. bush for all the lies he had told to get her and so many others to pass the IWR.

    In other words, there was little to no difference between the two, and Obama’s rise is based very largely on his willingness to at first split the anti-war late-comers (mostly upper middle class types and college educated-young professionals) (the Eugene McCarthy set) away from the rest of the Democratic Party. When he saw that that wasn’t adding up to enough, he went for African-Americans, and shamelessly permitted his campaign to suggest that the Clintons were racists. He’s a brilliant man, and his tactics were working at first.

    But he failed to realize just how tough and resilient were the key people who were backing Hillary. And I don’t mean that to include many guys like me. Instead, I mean the incredibly talented and deeply inspiring women that Hillary has on her side. They are people that I suspect you will take great pride in one day.

    I “hope” you will give this some thought. 🙂

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